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Virginia Beach, VA

About Us

We deliver custom waterfront structures.

Colin Marine Construction was founded in 2018 by Virginia Beach local, Colin Miller. Colin decided to combine his love for construction with his love for the water to start his company and career. Since 2018, Colin Marine has expanded its capabilities with the addition of a 40' barge, two excavators, a skid-steer, and valuable years of experience. Colin Marine has the equipment and man-power to build any and all residential sized piers, bulkheads, floating docks, and boat lifts.

At Colin Marine we love and respect Virginia Beach and its waterways. We understand the impact that waterfront construction can have on the environment and we do our best to leave a small footprint.


  • Class A Contractor's License
  • Responsible Land Disturber
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planner

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services to get your job done. Click on any of the services below to see more details!


We replace existing bulkheads and construct new ones, wood and vinyl.

Pier Construction

Get the most out of your waterfront property with a new pier.

Pier Repairs & Re-deckings

Give your existing pier new life with repairs or re-decking.

Boat Lifts

We install 10K through 20K capacity boat lifts and elevator lifts for jet skis.

Boat Lift Maintenance

From old rusty cables to snapped guideposts, Colin Marine is capable of repairing or replacing most boat lift components.

Rip Rap

A great alternative to bulkheads, rip rap can also help maintain the integrity of your waterfront property.

Floating Docks

We build beautiful and dynamic floating docks that you and your family can enjoy.

Beach Walks

Beach walks create safe and easy beach access.


  • All
  • Bulkheads
  • Piers & Re-decking
  • Boat Lifts & Maintenance
  • Rip Rap
  • Floating Docks

Our Team

Our mission is to provide our clients with high quality marine structures that are not only practical, but beautiful. We work individually with every client to ensure satisfaction at each project's completion.

Colin Miller


Joe Keffler


Austin O'neil

Wes Dowding

Alex Hurley

Jed Symons

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Do I need a permit?

Yes, more than likely. Any new pier, floating dock, boat lift, boat house, rip rap, etc will require a permit. Repairs such as replacing boat lift parts, or re-decking piers do not require a permit. The JPA process will determine which individual agency permits listed above you will need, depending on the scope and location of your project. You will not need to go through the JPA process if you are replacing a pier, floating dock, lift, etc in the same exact footprint, but you will still need to get a permit from the City.

What is a Joint Permit Application or JPA?

The Joint Permit Application combines all of the separate permit applications that are required for complete permit approval from the City of Virginia Beach or Norfolk. The JPA typically includes the VMRC (Virginia Marine Resource Commission), the CBPA (Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act), the Army Corp of Engineers, the Wetlands Board of Virginia, City review, City zoning, and City encroachments.

Does Colin Marine handle permits?

Unfortunately, we do not. However, we work with the same 4 or 5 permit engineers in the Virginia Beach and Norfolk area on almost every project. Please reach out and we will be happy to put you in touch with them.

Can I get a permit on my own?

Technically yes, but the process can be arduous. The City of Virginia Beach and Norfolk require professionally engineered drawings for new bulkheads, rip rap, piers, and boathouses - this is where the permit engineers come in. Their services include engineering, as well as submission to all of the JPA permit agencies listed above.

How long does the JPA process take?

Varies, but typically 4 to 6 months for complete approval. The Wetlands Board and City encroachments, if required for your project, are the slowest of the bunch.

Who picks up the building permit?

We do! Once you have received full JPA approval, and contracted with Colin Marine, we will pick up and pay for the building permit before we begin construction.

Do I need an approved permit to get a quote from Colin Marine?

No, we are happy to estimate and consult on your project at any stage. Don't hesitate to reach out.

Do I want bulkhead or rip rap?

Reach out for an estimate! Typically one or the other will serve your property better and our estimator, Joe, can help you decide.

Does Colin Marine accept credit/debit card payments?

Unfortunately, we do not at this time. Please prepare to pay with cash or check.